Contactless Vending

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Introducing the Alio™ Fusion Payment Hub

Innovation meets convenience with Alio™ Fusion, the cutting-edge payment hub crafted by CPI. The Alio™ Fusion seamlessly integrates card reading, PIN pad functionality, contactless payment capabilities, and an interactive display into one remarkable device:

  1. Universal Payment Acceptance: Alio™ Fusion effortlessly processes various electronic payment methods, spanning chip, contactless, swipe, and mobile transactions.
  2. Global EMV Compliance: Rest easy knowing that Alio™ Fusion adheres to the highest global EMV standards, ensuring secure and reliable payment processing.
  3. PIN-on-Glass Flexibility: Empower high-value transactions with the optional PIN-on-Glass feature, adding an extra layer of security.
  4. Immersive Touchscreen Experience: The generously sized touchscreen display offers an adaptable user interface, allowing for personalized content and a truly distinctive user journey.
  5. Sophisticated Aesthetics: Alio™ Fusion boasts an elegant design, making it a stylish solution suitable for a wide array of applications.

Experience the future of payment solutions with Alio™ Fusion – where versatility and sophistication combine to redefine your payment experience.